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The conception

Sometime early in the spring, I heard voices in my head.  I ignored them for a while, but they never shut up.  Fortunately, they were interesting voices, and they were pretty insistent that I listen.  And write about them.  So, I did.  And this is the beginning of the journey of "Saving Prudence."  

In the beginning, I had no story, no plot, no idea of where this was all heading.  I only knew I had to write it.  Because, if I didn't, they wouldn't leave me alone.  And well, then I'd end up locked away somewhere on heavy doses of psychotropic medications.  And then there would be no way for their story to be told.   Each time I think I know one of these characters, I find out something new about them.  I love their little surprises!  Each time I try to shape them into what I want them to be, they resist.  And let me tell you, these fuckers are persistent.  Every one of them, in their own insistent manner, will have their way.

Without further delay, allow me to introduce:  D. Bob, Brownie, Portland, Jolene, and Dorothy Roberta.   These are five of my very closest friends.